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An interview with chocolatier, Ben Le Prevost

Ben Le Prevost ChocolatierWe recently worked with multi-award winning chocolatier, Ben Le Prevost, to create our indulgent Crème de Cacao. Ben has been creating chocolate for over a decade now and has almost 20 awards to his name and was kind enough to take a break in his schedule and tell us a bit more about his illustrious career so far:

How did it all begin?

I started my career as a pastry chef, it’s something I’ve always been interested in. I worked in a number of restaurants in the UK before making my return to Guernsey and eventually embarking on my career as a chocolatier.

Any notable names along your career?

I worked as a commis pastry chef at Gary Rhodes’s restaurant Greenhouse, a Michelin Star restaurant on Mayfair.

What got you into chocolate?

ben-09503I worked with chocolate a lot over my career as a pastry chef and I really enjoyed it, so I started making my own and took a course in Belgian chocolate making back in 2005. aI began selling at the local farmer’s market every Saturday for around two years, I didn’t sell a lot but I always had a loyal customer base which gave me the confidence to continue.

What happened next?

I eventually opened my shop and kitchen at the bottom of Mill Street back in 2012, which we operated out of for five years before moving a bit further up the road to our current premises, last year. Over these past few years we’ve entered and won a number of awards for our unique creations, now counting at 19 awards.

Career defining moment?

When we won our first Academy of Chocolate Award back in 2014. We won European Gold for our Miso chocolate, which we still sell today.

What’s the next target?

I really want to get a World Gold award, I’ve managed to get British Gold & European Gold as well as World Bronze, so World Gold is the next target, I feel I’m pretty close now.

Ben helped us design our crème de cacao so we asked Ben a few questions about the nibs and the supplier he chose for us;

Tell us a bit about Chocolat Madagascar

I’ve been using the beans and chocolate from Chocolat Madagascar for quite some time, most notably in our 100% dark chocolate bar, which is fast becoming our best-selling bar.

What makes the nibs from Chocolat Madagascar so good?

Chocolat Madagascar’s produce is ethically sourced and among the highest quality of chocolate I have ever worked with. Their cocoa is grown in Upper Sambirano (north-west Madagascar) without the use of chemicals, the combination of the natural minerals, soils, microclimate, flower and fauna and topography provide a unique terroir to produce a very special fruity flavour characteristic. It seemed the perfect supplier and product to create a high quality Crème de Cacao.

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