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Coffee Liqueur

β€’ 20% ABV

β€’ 350ml

Our popular Coffee Liqueur (formerly Espresso Vodka) is made with Grade AA Plus, Malawi Pamwamba coffee, which is expertly-roasted in Guernsey by the team at Bean14 Coffee.
Haut MaisonΒ Coffee Liqueur is the smallest of our batches, making just over 100 bottles at a time, once we receive delivery of our coffee we immediately start a cold-brew over a 48-hour period, to really lock-in flavour and allow the coffee to rest & separate naturally before the ageing process begins in our vats.
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What makes the coffee so good?

It would be easy to simply flavour vodka with coffee extract or use any old blend from off the shelf, but when we approached Bean14 with the idea of our Coffee Liqueur, they had just the thing.

Made with quality ingredients & a lot of patience, ourΒ Coffee Liqueur is in a class of its own.

With a fruity aroma and a smooth, chocolate aftertaste, Malawi Pamwamba coffee is the perfect base for a quality Coffee Liqueur. Originating from the Southern Thyolo district of Malawi, the coffee is always hand-picked and each plant is harvested no more than 10 times before re-planting. The finished product is then shipped to Guernsey and roasted on-island by Bean14, driven only a few miles and then cold-brewed for a taste so fresh, you won’t believe your tastebuds.
The perfect nightcap, or served as a quality Espresso Martini. Check our recipes, for more inspiration.

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