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Elderflower Liqueur

Haut Maison Elderflower Liqueur

• 18% ABV

• 350ml

Our Limited Edition Elderflower Liqueur is a wonderfully fragrant liqueur made with hand-picked elderflowers from Guernsey, locally-made honey and a dash of lemon.
The finished product is bottled at 18% ABV, available as a 350ml corked bottle exclusively direct from our online shop.
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What Is Elderflower Liqueur?

Elderflowers can be found growing all across Guernsey in the months of May and June, as you get close to them you’ll be amazed by their floral aroma. We picked our elderflowers over the course of a few weeks and infused them the same day over 24-hour periods in small batches to make this limited edition offering.
The perfect partner to Prosecco and used in literally hundreds of cocktail recipes, this is a truly versatile liqueur. Check our recipes, for more inspiration.

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