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Damson Gin

Haut Maison Damson Gin

β€’ 22% ABV

β€’ 350ml

We start by making our own gin from scratch using juniper berries, coriander, cardamom, lemongrass and cinnamon.
Our mixture of Merryweather, Fairleigh and Shropshire Prune damsons are harvested in late September from 2+ year old trees and added to our own gin, where they sit for six months, to impart as much flavour as possible.
The finished product is bottled at 22% ABV, available as a 350ml corked bottle from all good local off-licences and a variety of Guernsey’s eateries & bars.
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What Is Damson Gin?

Damson gin is a traditional British liqueur with a gin base, generally a home-made affair, our Damson Gin is certainly no different. With a hint of gin on the finish, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the smooth texture and puckering mouthfeel from the tannins in this luscious liqueur.
Magnificent on its own, straight up as a digestif, or served long with a quality tonic water. Check our recipes, for more inspiration.

Left to steepΒ for six months, our Damson Gin is a time-honoured tradition.

Our Damson Gin is our most popular product and can be found at a variety of off-licences throughout Guernsey as well as the island’s leading bars & eateries.

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