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Crème de Menthe

Haut Maison Crème de Menthe

• 24% ABV

• 350ml

Part of our Limited Edition Producer Series, our Crème de Menthe is made with fresh, handpicked peppermint & spearmint, grown only a mile away by Fresh Guernsey Herbs. With a touch of Sicilian lemon peel and rose petal, this is pure Crème de Menthe without any artificial flavouring.
The finished product is bottled at 24% ABV, available as a 350ml corked bottle direct from our online shop.
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What Is Crème de Menthe?

Crème de Menthe is a sweet mint liqueur, traditionally made with mint flavour/extract, our liqueur however is made with fresh peppermint & spearmint from Fresh Guernsey Herbs. To add complexity, we’ve added a touch of Sicilian lemon peel and rose petal to create the perfect digestif.
Magnificent on its own, straight up as a digestif, drizzled over ice cream or as part of a cocktail. Check our recipes, for more inspiration.

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