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Raspberry Liqueur

Haut Maison Raspberry Liqueur Jersey

• 16% ABV

• 350ml

Our delicious Raspberry Liqueur is made with ‘Polka’ raspberries, intensely rich and packed full of flavour, we use approximately a quarter of a kilo (half a pound) of raspberries to make a single 350ml bottle!
This quintessential sipping liqueur, is just perfect over ice and its versatility means it works well with lemonade, tonic, Prosecco or Champagne.

Our Raspberry Liqueur can be found at Co-Op Grand Marché St Helier and Grand Marché St Peter.

The backbone of the Haut Maison range, our Raspberry Liqueur tastes like it was picked just yesterday.

The quintessential sipping liqueur, just perfect over ice.

We spent years testing various varieties of raspberries and twists on recipes before settling on the liqueur that we produce today and it has been well worth the wait.
We recommend enjoying the full flavour, unadulterated over ice, but we wouldn’t say no to a generous helping of Champagne or Prosecco…

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